Evey Dantès

Age: 21

What caught my attention about Evey were two things: her piercing eyes and her unique name. As she told me, "I call myself Evey after Evey Hammond from the movie and comic series "V for Vendetta" and Dantès after Edmond Dantès, the protagonist from The Count of Monte Cristo."

I found Evey a joy to work with. Her confidence was obvious yet, according to her, this was not always the case. Evey credits her nursing career for her confidence - and her involvement in modelling. In her words, "All my patients tell me how fast life goes and, although I always wanted to model, I never had the confidence. However, nursing really brought me out of my shell and I realised that if I didn't take a chance and try modelling soon, I might miss my chance. I'm so glad I did! I love it! To me, I want to help create pictures that take your breath away. It seems everyone's forgotten what real photography is. I'm here to make art not smut."

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